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Declan McBride is passionate about popcorn. So passionate, in fact, that last year he decided to make popcorn his future and create this exceptional popcorn full time.

Declan’s passion for popcorn began on a visit to Canada nearly twenty years ago. Since then he has been working on perfecting his recipe in his hometown of Draperstown.


We’re not sure what kind of alchemy happens at Declan’s Popnotch popcorn factory in the heart of Northern Ireland, but with delicious flavours like Fancy Marshmallow and Salty Caramel we know we love the results! Declan is to popcorn what Willy Wonka is to sweets and chocolate, he really does make the best popcorn in the world.

Declan's talents were recently recognised with a Great Taste Award for his delicious Salty Caramel popcorn.

A bag of Popnotch Sweet & Salty is a favourite here at Food Stories HQ. To give it a go, just ask.