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James and Stephen are the Jollypie men.

Whilst some kids were born with a football at their feet, James was born with a pie in his hand. With an Aussie for a mother and a passion for eating he was always going to end up in the pie business. He started cooking pies at Uni, with his flatmates being his biggest pie advocates (stealing them in the middle of the night).

Stephen on the other hand is a classic ‘Del Boy’ and has a knack for getting things done.

The Jollypie men are committed to producing the best pies and that means finding the best ingredients. They source all their ingredients from farms and suppliers which they’ve dealt with for generations, so they know exactly how a Jollypie is made.

With delicious flavours such as Steak & Stout and Pork, Apple & Sage, it’s no wonder the pies are such a hit! For more information on Jolly Pies, please get in touch.