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Read the Crilly’s Sweets Food Story…


Peter Crilly established Crilly’s Sweets in 1974. It was a challenging time to start a business in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, however, Peter was passionate about sweets!

Crilly’s Sweets specialises in traditional Irish homemade sweets. A sweet “genius”, Peter learned his trade from the best. Working in the Mars Factory in Slough, Peter became an expert in chocolate before moving to Blackpool where he became an authority on rock and sweets.

Based in Newry, County Down, Crilly’s Sweets has evolved over the years. From satisfying customer demand for rock in the ‘80s, to specialising in traditional boiled sweets since the millenium, Peter understands what his customers love.

Fancy some Pear Drops, Rosy Apples or Rhubarb & Custard? Peter’s your man!

Traditional, homemade, delicious sweets; it doesn’t get much better than that!

Interested? please get in touch.